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Key Takeaways from SFVegas 2024

At the recent SFVegas 2024 event that was held Feb. 25-28, industry leaders and experts gathered to Engage, Learn, and Connect about the evolving landscape of the alternative asset market.

Paramount Capital Group’s Ryan Paul, Chief Executive Officer and Karl Buettner, Chief Growth Officer, were in attendance, along with a record-breaking 9,000 attendees from across the structured finance sector, including investors, issuers, financial intermediaries, regulators, law firms, accounting firms, technology firms, rating agencies, servicers, and trustees. More than 200 experts shared their insights and expertise, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of investing in alternative assets. Attendees participated in panel discussions, keynote presentations, networking events, and interactive sessions, covering key issues, trends, and challenges in structured finance, loan servicing, loan financing, and other aspects of the alternative asset market.

6 Top Insights From SFVegas 2024

There were plenty of sessions from which to choose, starting with ABCP Revisited Opportunities, Considerations, and Applications and ending with Trade Receivables Securitization and the Role of Fintech. But six important takeaways that emerged include:

  1. Investors continue to be interested in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors. With a heightened focus on sustainability and ethical business practices, investors are increasingly looking to allocate capital to companies demonstrating strong ESG principles.
  2. Digital assets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative investment option. As blockchain technology continues to mature, more investors are exploring opportunities in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, but they should also consider regulatory uncertainty and volatility.
  3. Technology is shaping the future of structured finance. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to streamline operations, improve data quality, and enhance risk management. (Regulators are actively monitoring the use of technology to ensure that it complies with existing regulations and does not compromise market integrity or investor protection.)
  4. Private equity and venture capital investments are key drivers of value in the alternative asset market. This is due to the potential for high returns and portfolio diversification.
  5. Geopolitical events continue to affect alternative asset markets. Political uncertainties, trade tensions, and global economic conditions can influence investment decisions and market trends.
  6. Real assets are a key component in alternative investment portfolios. Investments in tangible assets such as real estate, infrastructure, and commodities can provide investors with inflation protection, steady cash flows, and potential capital appreciation. By diversifying across different asset classes, investors can better manage risk and enhance overall portfolio performance.

The Importance of Loan Servicing with Alternative Asset Funds

Loan servicing plays a crucial role in the alternative asset market, particularly for fund managers looking to optimize investment strategies. It allows fund managers to focus on their core investment opportunities without the burden of day-to-day loan management.

Loan servicing professionals will handle tasks such as loan administration, payment processing, and compliance monitoring so fund managers can manage debt obligations, concentrate on sourcing new investment opportunities, and maximize portfolio performance. Additionally, trusting your loan servicing with a company such as Paramount lets you take advantage of the opportunities and insights presented at SFVegas2024.

What to Look for in a Loan Servicing Program:

Paramount has provided fund managers with compliant, customized loan servicing solutions for more than 25 years:

  • End-to-End Master Servicing from loan origination to payoff.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology that integrates seamlessly.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting of real-time account status and information.
  • Compliance Risk Protection from fines and penalties.
  • Complete Backup Servicing so there’s no data loss or disruptions.
  • And more!

These proven end-to-end solutions give you a better way to manage receivables and affect your bottom line so you can get back to growing your portfolio.

Looking Ahead to 2025 and Beyond

Overall, SFVegas 2024 provided a valuable forum for industry professionals to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and explore new opportunities in the alternative asset market. Looking to the future, it’s clear that staying informed and educated on these trends will be crucial for investors looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by alternative assets. Having a trusted resource as your loan servicer gives you the time and freedom to set yourself up for success.

Interested in learning more about how Paramount can help you with loan servicing? Have a no-obligation talk with a Paramount loan servicing specialist. Fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch.

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