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Backup Loan Servicing

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Ensuring Continuity and Providing Insights

Paramount Capital Group is revolutionizing backup loan servicing with hot backup features for the cost of cold. In today’s landscape, financial institutions rely on the continuity of loan servicing. We offer a comprehensive, personalized, and dependable solution to backup servicing during times of uncertainty.

As an end-to-end loan servicing company, we can offer scalable solutions with broad functionality. Our platform includes seamless and dynamic backup solutions, robust data and analytics in real time, and secure, geographically diverse data backup. We’re ready to step into primary servicing roles when you most need us, not months later.

Backup Loan Servicing Solutions

Readily Available Backup Solutions

More than 25 years of primary loan servicing experience allows us to provide continuous backup services and step into the primary servicing role when required.

Robust Data, Analytics and Reporting

Our platform boasts a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools that offer unparalleled visibility into your assets delivering bespoke and real-time analytics and reports not just data storage.

Reliable, Secure Backup Servicing

Our tier point data center and geographically diverse backup ensure security, reliability, and accessibility.

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Maintain Servicing Continuity

In the face of disruptions, we provide continuous backup solutions to protect and preserve your loan portfolio.

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Trust Your Backup Solutions

Paramount has been an end-to-end loan servicer for 25 years. You can rely on our personalized solutions and real-time analytics.

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Secure, Dependable Data Storage

Enjoy the highest levels of security with our geographically diverse backup system.


Hot Backup at the Cost of Cold

Most backup transitions take 60 days or longer, which is risky and costly. We can take over upon notice and get started sooner.

Secure Data

Protecting your data is a high priority. We keep it secure with state-of-the-art infrastructure and diverse backup locations.


We know that waiting too long for backup services to begin can be costly. Our hot backup ensures effective continuity.

Dedicated Partner Success Manager

Enjoy a seamless transition and proactive support by working with a dedicated partner success manager.

Data, Analytics, and Reporting

We provide unparalleled visibility into your portfolio with real-time, meaningful, and automated analytics and reports.

Backup Servicing You Can Trust

Paramount has been in primary loan servicing for 25 years. We put this experience to use as a dependable backup loan servicer.


How long has Paramount been a loan servicer?

Paramount Capital Group has been a primary loan servicer since 1997. With more than 25 years of experience, we are a natural partner for your backup loan servicing needs.

What makes Paramount different from other backup loan servicers?

In addition to our decades of loan servicing experience, we offer hot backup features for less. Many backup loan servicers need a 60-day or longer takeover period, but we can get started sooner.

How does Paramount manage data synchronization?

Our flexible platform allows us to take your data in any format and convert it automatically into our system with less hassle and a high degree of customization.

How are reports generated?

Reporting is customized, so you can get the insights you need as you need them. Generate customized and automated reports in real time at no additional cost.

How does Paramount secure data?

We back up data in multiple locations at high-tech, secure data centers. They include encryption technologies, robust access controls, and physical security protocols.

What if I have questions about backup services?

Paramount assigns every client a dedicated partner success manager to oversee your backup services and for ongoing, on-demand support.

Talk To A Backup Loan Servicing Specialist


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