A career school student with a book bag and book smiles now that they have loan options for students.

Utilizing Alternative Tuition Options to Increase Career School Enrollment

These days, as the cost of a two- to four-year college education continues to skyrocket, trade, technical, and career schools offer more affordable education alternatives for students who want  to focus entirely on a field of interest, such as health care, manufacturing, culinary arts, technology, auto repair, truck driving, and more. 

A professional works in front of two monitors after going to a medical billing school because of loan options for students. Even though career schools have a much lower cost, they can still be out of reach for potential students and their families. Not only are there fewer student financing options for career school students, but students and families often have trouble getting loans because of less-than-perfect credit. And that’s ironic, because when all is said and done, trade school graduates have an arguably faster track to a well-paying job than college graduates do. In fact, it’s reported that more than 53% of recent college graduates don’t have a job or have a low-paying one, while most trade school graduates have jobs and good salaries.  

Now factor in that jobs in the trades are booming. The demand has never been greater for skilled workers across manufacturing, health care, and other industries, and trade schools are eager to increase admission rates. But lack of available student financing options is an unavoidable problem. Schools need a partner that understands financing concerns and puts students first. That’s why so many career schools turn to Paramount Capital Group. 

7 Reasons Schools Turn to Paramount Capital Group for Tuition Options

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. It’s why we’ve been dedicated to helping schools and students come together since 1997. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us. 

1. Simple online application process.

We use our experience from partnering with more than 900 schools, along with 25+ years working in and understanding credit and receivables, to develop flexible, unique solutions that help more students get access to financing.

2. Quick decisions for our schools.

Unlike traditional fall-to-spring schedules, career school courses can start up at anytime. We know you and your potential students can’t wait to hear about financing and whether they can start class. So we’ve committed to getting the decision back to our schools as quickly as possible (typically under 2 hours). 

3. A compliant PDF document for approved students to electronically sign and return.

We’ve made the whole process easy so the student has what they need to sign up for financing with ease. We work hard to update documents to reflect the latest financial compliance requirements. 

4. Increased cash flow.

Once paperwork is completed, contracts are purchased and funds are remitted in three to five working days*. Now you can relax knowing that your school has a more consistent stream of funds available and a greater profit.  

5. More students and filled class rosters. 

You’ll be more successful at attracting additional students when financing is more available.

6. Loan servicing handled by us at Paramount Capital Group.

Whether we purchase contracts from you or service them on your behalf we understand working in a heavily regulated industry requires a team of compliance experts to maintain the highest compliance standards to effectively manage risk.

7. Skilled worker gaps filled upon graduation. 

With more successful graduates, trades will turn to you for new employees, enhancing your school’s reputation both with potential students and potential employers. 

These seven reasons make it easy to see the benefits to your school and to your students when we partner together.  

Let Paramount Capital Group Help You Provide More Student Financing Options 

The value of helping students get access to tuition options when they or their families don’t have perfect credit can’t be overstated. Talk to us today at Paramount Capital Group and learn more about how we can partner together to make a difference in people’s lives.  

*  For some short-term programs, the student must graduate in order to receive funds.